Proteomic characterization of seeds from yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.)

Takahiro Ogura, Jun Ogihara, Michio Sunairi, Hidetaka Takeishi, Tomoko Aizawa, Marcos R. Olivos-Trujillo, Iván J. Maureira-Butler, Haroldo E. Salvo-Garrido

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Yellow lupin (Lupinus luteus L.) is a legume crop containing a large amount of protein in its seeds. In this study, we constructed a seed-protein catalog to provide a foundation for further study of the seeds. A total of 736 proteins were identified in 341 2DE spots by nano-LC-MS/MS. Eight storage proteins were found as multiple spots in the 2DE gels. The 736 proteins correspond to 152 unique proteins as shown by UniRef50 clustering. Sixty-seven of the 152 proteins were associated with KEGG-defined pathways. Of the remaining proteins, 57 were classified according to a GO term. The functions of the remaining 28 proteins have yet to be determined. This is the first yellow lupin seed-protein catalog, and it contains considerably more data than previously reported for white lupin (L. albus L.).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1543-1546
Number of pages4
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2014


  • 2DE
  • Legume seed
  • Lupinus luteus L
  • Nano-LC-MS/MS
  • Plant proteomics


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