Effect of Adrenaline on Cerebral Blood Oxygenation Measured by NIRS in a Rat Asphyxia Cardiac Arrest Model

Yu Okuma, Tsukasa Yagi, Tai Yin, Takeyuki Kiguchi, Taku Iwami, Lance B. Becker, Koichiro Shinozaki

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Adrenaline is an important pharmacologic treatment during cardiac arrest (CA) for resuscitation. Recent studies suggest that adrenaline increases the likelihood of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) but does not contribute to improving neurological outcomes of CA. The mechanisms have not been elucidated yet. A bimodal increase in mean arterial pressure (MAP) is observed after adrenaline injection in rodent CA models [17]. In this study, we focused on alteration of systemic arterial pressure in conjunction with the measurement of cerebral blood oxygenation (CBO) such as oxyhemoglobin (Oxy-Hb), deoxyhemoglobin (Deoxy-Hb), and tissue oxygenation index (TOI) by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Male Sprague–Dawley rats were used. We attached NIRS between the nasion and the upper cervical spine. Rats underwent 10-minute asphyxia to induce CA. Then, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was started, followed by a 20 μg/kg of bolus adrenaline injection at 30 seconds of CPR. This injection accelerated the first increase in MAP, and ROSC was observed with an abrupt increase in CBO. Interestingly, the second increase in MAP, once it exceeded a certain value, was accompanied by paradoxical decreases of Oxy-Hb and TOI, while Deoxy-Hb increased. Based on this finding, we compared Oxy-Hb, Deoxy-Hb, and TOI at the first MAP ≈ 100 mmHg and the second MAP ≈ 100 mmHg. The average of Oxy-Hb and TOI from the 13 animals significantly decreased at the second increase in MAP over 100 mmHg, while Deoxy-Hb significantly increased. NIRS identified a decrease in Oxy-Hb after ROSC. These findings may be a clue to understanding the mechanism of how and why adrenaline alters the neurological outcomes of CA post-resuscitation.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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NameAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
ISSN (Print)0065-2598
ISSN (Electronic)2214-8019


  • Adrenaline
  • Autoregulation
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Cerebral blood oxygenation (CBO)
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)


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